Art Commissions |T.F.D. Thread For Days

Wanting a piece but don't see it listed? Looking for some new personalized art? Good news commissions are now available. 

Commissions slots open!

To submit a request for a commission read through the Commission FAQ's and then submit a request through the Submission Consideration Form google form (you will need to be logged in with your google account). If you do not have a google account send me an email 

Commission FAQ

What kinds of commissions do you take?

I prioritize taking on embroidery art commissions BUT if you have a really cool sticker, postcard, embroidery kit, print, digital art piece, or embroidery pattern commission I will consider that as well!

How much do commissions cost?

Embroidery Hoops


My prices for hoop commissions start at $70 for a 4inch piece and increase depending on complexity.

Shipping with tracking is then added if needed. 

For Hand Stitched Patches


I handmake each patch individually and uniquely per person. the price will ultimately depend on the style, design, and size.

Shipping is then added on top of the cost if needed.

All patches are iron on, but I do recommend also adding a few stitches to stabilize it and ensure longevity. 

For Pendants


Each piece is hand stitched and then set into a 1inch pendant tray.

Shipping is not included with this price and will be added if needed. 

For Stickers:

I make stickers by the sheet so they will only be considered if they fit my theme

  • Sticker prices are $3-4 per sticker + shipping

For Postcards

  • $4.00-$10 per card depending on detail level and time involved + shipping

Digital Art

For digital art I charge on an hourly basis depending on the detail and time involved. I operate on a $20.00/hour basis for this: digital instant download

How does the request process work? 

Fill out the form and if it is something I think will fit my style I will reach out to you for more information. From there I will do a consultation with you and finalize the design.

From the day it is finalized I give myself 2 weeks (it may be less but I like a buffer) to complete the piece- updating you throughout the process. Once it is done, I will notify you that the piece has be listed and you can purchase the item from there. As soon as the payment is processed I will mail it out/if you're local we can talk about pick up.

How long does it take for a commission to be completed? 

When working on a new piece I need to design, fit, stitch, and finish it so it does take some time. The making of the piece takes me about two weeks then you will need to consider shipping time. 

Are you open to negotiations/trades? 

Depending on what is being traded I am totally open to doing commission exchanges! (If it is something I would use/have space for and love I would consider a clean trade). In addition I am cool with a combination of sliding scale payment and item/goods trade (Ex: handmade good + smaller payment). Feel free to add that information to the google form/email so I can take it into consideration.

How many commissions will you take? 

It really depends on how much time I have but in a six week period I will take on 4 big projects, 6 if they are smaller designs. 

    If you have any other questions please be sure to reach me at :)

    • Custom Embroidery

      A small thread painted piece! I would love to collaborate on a thread painted design- reach out to collaborate.

    • Don't get Bitter: Postcard

      Custom postcard! Available for sale if interested- email me and I'll add the listing :)

    • Custom patch

      A queer toronto patch custom made. If you want a custom patch reach out, I would LOVE to collaborate on a unique piece!

    • embroidery hoop 4 inch pet rabbit paw print with flowers and text "Gizmo"

      Memorial Pet Hoop

      This was a custom hoop. If you would like a memorial hoop done for your pet please fill out the commisison form <3

    • embroidery hoop of mountains and valley. text: 'Country Roads Take me Home 2001 Brandon 2021"

      Custom Memorial Hoop

      Custom memorial hoop. If you are interested in a memorial hoop please reach out, I will collaborate with you <3

    • Motorcycle Gnome | Digital Art

      This digital art piece was custom made for a pal. If you are interested in a cusotm digital art piece check out the FAQ and fill out the google form!