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About Us

Hi there!

What started out as a coping mechanism quickly became a goofy passion. 

T.F.D. Thread for Days was started by me, Kass!

Back in March 2020, I found myself feeling isolated and stuck inside so I started on an embroidery and art journey. 

All of my art - postcards, stickers, embroideries- reflect me, my passions, and moments from my rollercoaster of a life. You'll see nods to my wonderful partner in life (and as an unofficial shop assistant) Sky, our little fur babes (Gizmo and Charlie), and to the hellscape of navigating this world. 

After a couple years of filling our tiny apartment with handcrafted goods I decided it was time to share it with others!

Give me a follow on instagram, tiktok, or Facebook to see the process behind each piece, the story that inspired what I'm working on, and sneek peaks of new designs :)