Welcome T.F.D. The Blog. Welcome to the official fitst post of the T.F.D. Blog: how it started and what to expect!

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Welcome to T.F.D. The Blog!

I've always wanted a space a little more longform to talk about embroidery art, the process behind what I make, and to share some neat tips and tricks I have learned along the way. With the website launch I figured this would be the ideal place to start!

So welcome to the official first post of T.F.D. The Blog!

Kass, a white nonbinary person with a plaid shirt, short hair, and glasses; theyre smiling

T.F.D. Thread For Days | The Beginning

While this website officially launched April 12 2022; the embroidery work and artistic exploration has been going on since about 2019.

At the end of 2019 I was working two jobs as well as was in the middle of completing my masters; so stress levels were HIGH. I decided to take up an art project that was compact and easy to bus with to decompress throughout my work days; thus embroidery and hand drawn patchmaking began!

Then 2020 rolled around; I finished my masters, moved from two jobs to one, and continued to learn about fiber arts and create.

A few months later I found myself with A LOT more free time (thanks COVID?) and really started to focus on my art.

While the pandemic has been absolute hell, I did have a lot more time to express myself through art and spend time with my partner, Skylar. I started to work with her to come up with designs she'd love to have added to her denim jacket! 

(THE Denim Jacket below)

two photos of the same demin jacket. one of the front with two handmade patches; lesbian and pride flag. one of the sleeve with a handmade mushroom patch

Thread.for.days on Instagram!

In January 2021 I decided it was time to create and dedicate an Instagram to the the art I was making so thread.for.days began.

I made such a wonderful little community on Instagram and was so inspired by the amazing hoop art I was seeing I said to myself, "hey let's try this". 

Working with the horror genres and movies that Skylar and I loved, I started to make horror hoops.

The first three were not designs that I made myself but were definitely great practice to start larger pieces and learn how to paint directly onto fabrics with watercolour and acrylic:

three embroidery hoop photos; Freddy Krueger, pennywise, chucky.

(These hoops are not for sale and will not be for sale as I did not make the designs myself- if you know the artist please let me know thread.for.days@gmail.com and I will credit)

Shortly around here Skylar and I were gifted an old ipad! This is where I started to play with digital drawing. 

From My Brain to Reality

The gifted ipad really helped me turn my internal feelings and concepts into reality. 

While I was playing with digital drawing, in addition to my own horror designs and patterns, I also started to make other art pieces; one of which was what I call my "existential postcards". I had so many thoughts and feelings, especially with the pandemic I found that these postcards, while incredible weird, helped me channel those feels. 

This led to some pretty fantastic results:

three postcards; not today satan front and back, stressed depressed front and back, and teleport me to mars front and back

After this, I started to make pdf patterns of my hoops as well as vinyl stickers.

As I posted my work on Instagram folks started to reach out about having work made or purchasing some of my unique designed items and it seemed right to make a website. 

And now I guess, here we are :)

What to Expect: T.F.D. The Blog

I love talking about art and embroidery and wanted to make a space where I can do that.

So my goal for this blog is to; 

  • Talk about my art!
  • Answer embroidery or digital art FAQ's
  • Create tutorials/give embroidery tips
  • Share what is upcoming/what I'm working on

So if you're into those kinds of things; welcome! You're in the right place :)

Stay weird and wonderful. 

~Kass (They/She)


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